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Top 5 exercises for a RIPPED lower back

Ahh. The lower back. The strongest asset of a physique and yet, if damaged can put you on a wheelchair for all your life! To get that christmas tree back, you need to toil hard and put in the work. We present to you the Top 5 exercises that can get you a diced back.


1. Deadlift

No surprises here! The deadlift should be a staple exercise for any and every program. In fact it is the king of mass builders for the overall body with the exception of the squat and is yet again a blessing for the circulation of natural testosterone. However, do understand the form here before putting on some heavy weight. Below are a few pointers to follow:

  1. NEVER round your back while deadlifting. Straighten your back while coming up or down
  2. Keep the bar close to your legs and remember the deadlift is a push and pull movement. You have to push from your hips and your hamstrings while pulling the bar from your hands
  3. Lock your back in the top position and come down slowly

I can not stress enough to learn the form properly before attempting to go for the heavy weights here. I myself took 6 months to perfect my deadlift form and now I can deadlift heavy!


2. Hyperextension

The hyperextension is a fantastic exercise for those lighter workouts but can still focus on your lower back. Remember to have a full range of motion for this exercise and you can use weights to increase the difficulty when your bodyweight gets too easy. The tempo though for this exercise is you go down slow and come back up slow.


3. Supermans

I know you can’t fly like superman but how about getting a fantastic core and lower back while trying? This exercise though made for the core, will hit your lower back hard and is amazing to put in a routine for abs. While lifting yourself, to make this exercise super hard, try to pause at the top for 10-15 seconds. You will be spluttering for breath after this one!


4. Romanian Deadlift

Since the deadlift is fantastic, there are plenty of variations that will specifically target the lower back like a romanian deadlift. Great for your glutes and lower back, just make sure to not take the bar below your knees and NOT bend your knees. Again as with the regular deadlift do make sure to master the movement before moving onto heavier weights.


5. Good-Mornings

Okay. Before I tell you about this exercise do understand a few things. Firstly, this is an advanced level exercise and is last on the list for a reason. The reason is that many people perform this incorrectly and that is why it has a bad reputation as being harmful. Secondly, NEVER go heavy whilst performing this exercise because that is bound to result in lower back injury. Go down slowly and come back up slowly and make sure you are not bending your neck or even that will result in injury. For your own good consult a trainer before doing this but if done well will give you unparalleled results!

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