Bodybuilding Diet: Meal Plan to Gain Weight


Bodybuilding is a lifestyle not just a tool for health by lifting weights in the gym. Here discipline and self control are the most important factors to stick to the healthy meal plans and exercises. In bodybuilding timings you are spending in the gym matter as much as the timings you are spending out of the gym. Though the best way to gain weight fast is increasing your daily calorie count, it is also quite a tough way to execute in daily life especially when your metabolism is high or you are not feeling like eating. In this article, you will learn ways to gain weight fast.

What Means Bodybuilding To You

If you are thinking that bodybuilding is something getting bulk or bigger physical appearance, you are partially right. Bodybuilding is not just about the physical appearance but also physical strength. People with different mindsets or fitness goals can choose this lifestyle and achieve them. Training is an important part of it but without healthy meal plans you can't get any of your fitness goals. If you are bulking up your fitness regime, you must be sure what to eat to gain weight. Protein is almost common in every fitness goal. But we need high calorie foods for weight gain. Here we are going to tell you what to focus on eating.

Foods To Focus For Bodybuilding

Here you will know what you should take for gaining weight and what you should avoid. It is just like training. You have to train a certain part of your body with certain types of exercises. And avoid other exercises no matter how good those are. Wrong exercise choice can hamper your bodybuilding goals. For instance: If you want to bulk up or develop biceps, you should not do running or cycling though these are good exercises. Same way wrong food choices can mislead you to get your fitness goals. Here are some high calorie foods for weight gain that you should include in your weight gain diet.

  • Meat: Many people enjoy meat but it is very effective food to gain weight fast as it is a very good source of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. If you are a big fan of meat try sirloin steak, pork, ground beef, goat meat, and others.
  • Poultry: You can make various types of dishes from the eggs. You enjoy it anytime. It is a rich source of protein, fats, and gives you enough energy for various physical activities. Eggs are one of the best ways to gain weight that people usually use as these are good sources of vitamin D, Vitamin B2, copper, zinc, calcium, and many other nutrients. Along with that chicken breast is a protein rich food and one of the ways to gain weight.
  • Dairy products: If you don’t like non veg, you can get all the nutrients required for weight gain by including dairy products in your weight gain diet. Use cottage cheese, low fat milk, yogurt, whey protein, and others in your healthy diet menu.
  • Whole Grains: Still looking for what to eat to gain weight fast, whole grains are the answer of your question. Usually we try everything that we read, listen, and see from distance but we forget to execute what we have right now. Whole Grains are easily available and can be a great fit into your healthy diet menu if you use them wisely. Some whole grains and products are bread, rice, quinoa, oatmeal, cereal, bread, and many more.
  • Starchy vegetables and fruits: Looking for yummy and the best food to gain weight, try starchy vegetables and fruits. With them, it is really fun to gain weight. It provides you required vitamins and calories to get legit bulk up. So this is the easiest way to gain weight that you can enjoy during the bodybuilding process. Some starchy vegetables and fruits are corn, green pean, potatoes, apples, grapes, oranges, and others.

Bodybuilding is not about athletic performance rather than leanness and muscularity. You need to be very disciplined and particular about diet and exercise. Avoid junk food and use dry fruits in your snack time, it is the easiest way to gain weight. Nutrients should be taken into account seriously while approaching bodybuilding lifestyle. So, step up carefully.

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