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Feb 08, 2016

Build muscles.but confuse to take which supplement

hlo,i lift weight since last 1.5 yrs and also take preworkout and BCAA(muscle pharma) and later on i take after 6-7 months i take syntha-6 whey protein and after that i also take cytosport whey with cretain bt doe'nt get as much diet is also gud almost 12-13 egg whites a day,apple,bnanna shake,almonds,proper breakfast and weight is 68 kg.i'm not much lean bt i want muscles.i gyming proper scheduled in a day.....plz tell me which whey protein is best for me and is i also take anything with whey protein.i also had pimples on my back becoz of syntha-6 and cretain..
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Feb 09, 2016

Firstly I think you bought fake supplements. Shop for authentic supplements at and also start going to the gym more regularly. At least 5 days a week. You can go for MuscleBlaze WheyPRO as it is whey protein and creatine which will help you perform better in the gym.


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