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Feb 27, 2016

Build up muscle

Hello Samir Jaura Sir..! This is Akshay.Js Age:-19 Weight:-50 from Bengaluru! I am too too skinny sir! I really like to build up my muscle! I am being putting all my effort in gym since a month but there is no change in my body! So in my mind a word is hitting me i.e Mass Protein! I am thinking to take the Protein and have a serious schedule on my workout! So taking the protein is there any side effects????  Does it make the body shape out??? Is protein good for making up the body??? I seriously have an great dedication to build my body! So can u please help me out for transforming my skinny body into an elgant body! Suggest which Protein to take up??? Every one in my college been teasing me u so thin and ua very boney and all..! And I even watched all ua videos for training the B-town celebrates u been sensational there Samir sir!  So please even help me out to build my body!  Thanking you ! Hope u reply me soon!!  
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