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Jul 17, 2017

Building muscle,

Hi, My weight is 112 Kgs and height is 5,11 and age 36. My waist is 36 and my upper body is very wide and medium build. I used to work hard at my farm in my teen ages. Now I want to loose weight to at-least 90 kgs but i need to keep my chest mass and build muscle. Can you please suggest best protein or any other supplements while doing workout.
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Aug 29, 2017


 To reduce further 22 kgs, you need to go on a calorie deficit diet. If you are doing workouts then cnsume whey isolate post workout 1 serving, BCAA as an intra workout. To maintain your muscle mass do strength training, follwed by HIIT cardio for 20 min.

In diet choose greens, fruits 2-3 serving in a day, lean chicken, egg whites, nuts like almonds and 1 or 2 walnuts a day.

Choose any good fat burner as a pre workout. Also you can take multivitamins and omega 3 for some time along with this.


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