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Aug 27, 2015

Building muscle

Dear Ryan,   My name is Sunny and I was one of your trainees in Travel port(Delhi) when you use to be a voice and accent trainer..   First of all a big congratulation on your success...and your journey with ESN..   I need your guidance...It has been some years that I have been working out however could not see the results massively...I work in a 6pm to 3am shift and till the time I reach home its already 4.15 am...   I start my workout at 5.30 am and finish it by 6.30 am or 7.00 am... I know it requires lot of hard work and focus to build a physique like you however if you can give some advise, that will be so great of you..   I drink normal milk after my workout with some brown bread or eggs..and I sleep after that..   I wake up near about 2 pm and will have some daal, roti and vegetables...   Evening once I reach office, will have 6 egg whites with some yogurt and near about 9 I will have my dinner...   I have seen people from my gym and among friends building body in short span of time, maybe through steroids and other stuff...   Do we need to eat lot of carbs and get bulky and after that get lean or can it go hand by hand...I am confused...I have seen you in 2007 and till today you look fabulous...I have never seen you in a bulking mode...   Please suggest what to do..what to to workout...and build a physique like you....   Thanks Sunny
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Sep 04, 2015


It's most important that you sleep. Sleep is crucial to make gains. You should also know that sleep is the most important factor when it comes to natural growth hormone production.



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