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Nov 05, 2015

Bulking and cutting

Dear Sir, I am 5'10" in height and currently weighing around 75-80 Kg. I am into workout since last 4 years but irregular with it due to studies. I have used diferent Protien brands in past 4 years but that too not regularly. Yes ragularity is a concern but i need proper guidance about Lean Mass Gain and then Cutting diet to obtain a decent physique. ThankYou
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Nov 06, 2015

Hi Ashwani,

you are on your ideal weight then go for a muscle builder first like MUSCLETECH Nitrotech, MUSCLEBLAZE Whey pro, RONNIE COLEMAN Proantium etc.Also take 6 rich protein diet and hit your gym minimum 6 days in a week.

And also,

There are plenty of workouts/diets in our blogs section and link this:



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