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Apr 02, 2016

Can anyone suggest an indian non-veg diet for weight loss cum lean muscle body transformation?

I want an Indian Non-Veg diet plan which will benefit a complete body transformation with lean body mass. Height: 5'4" Current Weight: 62.5 Age: 24
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Apr 02, 2016


Breakfast (aprx 400 cal)
- 1 glass Whey protein & 3 boiled eggs/an omelette made with three eggs

Morning Snack (aprx200 cal)
- 100g smoked salmon with spinach or 100g grilled turkey breast

Lunch (aprx600 cal)
- 100g boiled chicken & cheese and vegetable sandwich or 1 Chicken roll and vegetable salad

Evening Snack (aprx200 cal)
- 1 glass Whey protein & 1 bowl yogurt with fruits or Handful of almonds and walnuts 

Dinner (aprx 400 cal)
- 200g grilled fish & brown rice and vegetable salad  or 100g grilled lamb with steamed broccoli and spinach 




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