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Sep 25, 2015

Can i loose fat and gain muscles in same time ?

I have been working out since last 4.5 months (strength + cardio) 5 times a week. i do not eat chicken/mutton so i eat 10 to 12 egg whites in a day in lunch + dinner and whey after my workout. A trainer told me that i am having teo much of protein so i wont be able to loose fat. i eat arount 70- 100 gm carbs in a day and avoid eating it after 7 p.m
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Oct 01, 2015


Spot reduction is not possible, If you are on your ideal weight then go for a muscle builder first like MUSCLETECH Nitrotech, MUSCLEBLAZE Whey pro, RONNIE COLEMAN Proantium etc.Also take 6 rich protein diet and hit your gym minimum 6 days in a week.


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