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Sep 16, 2015

Can i take both cla and l carnitine ? if yes plz tell the dosage??

FIRST OF ALL A BIG THANKS TO TEAM OF HEALTHKART THAT U R PROVIDING US WITH THESE GREAT SERVICES AND GIVING US A CHANCE TO PUT OUR CONCERNS FORWAD TO ONE OF THE BEST IN THIS FEILD IN OUR COUNTRY. I am 20 yr old guy hitting gym regurlary. I am still in leaning phase . I am 5ft 11 And weighs 80. I have lost 5 -6 kg in past 2 months but still have lot of fat left. I am taking 2 scoops of whey protien with bcaa as my intra workout and do cardio regurlarly with bodybuilding. Although i have lost few kgs but not having that desired leaner and muscular look that i want, like ripped body and chisled face. As i am regular buyer at healthkart a i was having look at these supplements l carnitine and cla. WILL THEY HELP TO LOWER DOWN MY BODY FAT? CAN I TAKE BOTH THESE SUPPLEMENTS SIMALTANEOUSLY??.IF YES PLZ SPECIFY THE DOSAGE ??ARE THERE ANY SIDEEFFECTS OF THIS?? I WOULD BE OBLIGED IF YOU COULD HELP ME OUT
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Sep 16, 2015

Hi Ranvir, yes you can have both CLA and L-carnetine both. There are so many supplement in combination. Their normal dosage of CLA 2-7gm and L-carnetine 500-2000mg.

And there is no as such side effect it might be nausea.


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