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Apr 09, 2017

Can i use citrulline malate and glutamine for better results and growth. and can i mix creatine with glutamine post workout

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Apr 12, 2017

Hi Vaibhav, I'll tell you the basic functions of these supplements.

  • Citrulline mallate basically produces nitric oxide in your body that increases the blood pump as well as is responsible for hard and firm muscles. 
  • Creatine, firstly provides you energy that increases your stamina for workout. Secondly it draws water from your body and stores it into your muscles so that your muscles look bulky.
  • Glutamine helps in the recovery of your skeletal muscles.

Citrulline mallate should be taken pre- workout, creatine can be taken anytime throughout the day (preferably post workout) with water, and the best way to have glutamine is with water, half an hour before you go to bed. 


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