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Mar 14, 2017

Can i use whey protein as supplement for weight gain without doing hard gym activites?

I am 28 and 5'11 and my weight is 58. I am lean guy and I am not interested playing gym. My physical activities include daily walking for 3-4 kms. I want to know , whether i can take whey protein as a supplement for weight gain? I skip break fast some times.. so i just want to use this whey protein as quick break fast replacement. Are there any side effects or problems in taking whey without doing excercise? Regards, Sri
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Mar 14, 2017


As per your height, your weight should be around 80 kg . I will suggest you to start any good weight gainer to achieve your ideal body weight first. Whey protein is consumed post workout , it helps you to maintain muscle mass and helps in recovery of muscles.

In your case muscles are not subjected to micro trauma which is esential for muscle to go under hypertrophy, so protein will not be utilised here.




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