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Feb 04, 2016

Can someone please suggest me a good exercise schedule ?

Dear advisor, I am a 41 year old corporate professional who is mainly looking to build a good strength and stamina in general. I want to know what kind of exercise and diet plan should I follow and what should be my routine ? I travel about 10 days in a month and that needs to be considered.  For now, I am a regular runner outside (have done several half marathons and one full), does some light weights in the gym but still have tummy due to number of hours I have to sit.  How do I go about becoming more fit, leaner and also gain strength and stamina.   Many thanks in advance,   Lalit
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Feb 09, 2016

There are plenty of exercise routines in our blogs section that you can refer to:

If you want a more hands on approach I would suggest you opt for a personalized online coach that can guide you as per your needs:


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