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Apr 20, 2016

Can't getting the result

hello friends. I have been going to zym since last one year. used many suppliment but not getting any result in my body . i used suppliments like 1) paradise weight gainer 10 lb 2) ON pro gainer  3) ON serious Mass 4) Ulitmate muscle juice 4lb 5) Ultimate mucle juice 10 lb 6) On creatine  7) Cellure Creatine 8) Mucle Tech perfomance series advance protein My daily diet is 8 eggs and protin shake with 1 leter milk 500 grm papaya 4 banana  lunch 6 chapati, rice and vegitalbes 3 hours workout in Zym 6 days in a week can anyone suggest where i going wrong . what should i try now
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Apr 21, 2016
Try animal protein i hope it works, sleep 8 hours as u can, eat lots of food as u can and change your workout routine u have to need special workout routine.
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Apr 21, 2016

Hi Vijay,

You didn't mentioned your details.These supplement helps to put on weight but diet matters alot because intake of Calorie and calorie burn must be calculated. So you need have your diet and supplementation according to your goal and workout.

Do intake of 2400kcal diet in a day and consume 300gm od ON Serious Mass (100gm early in the morning with water/milk, 100gm post workout with water, 100gm before bed with milk/water).




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