Change Your Diet Plan With These 5 Nutritious Meals


Healthy eating helps in healthy living and keeps you away from all kinds of health problems. September 1st to 7th is celebrated as Nutrition week all around the globe. The main objective behind this is to spread awareness about proper nutrition and its health benefits among individuals. According to a report that was published in the year 2017 it was stated that one out of every five people in this world dies due to an unhealthy diet or improper nutrition. As a part of this nutrition week, we are going to discuss some healthy eating habits. Well! Meeting your body’s nutrition needs is no rocket science as you do not have to survive on salads or raw foods just to meet your dietary goals. You can very well enjoy a healthy meal plan with your favourite food items but in moderate quantity.

Let us discuss the best diet plan that will help in keeping you healthy, energetic and boost your immunity:


Include more and more fibres and protein to your breakfast. If you want to relish a diet plan that is healthy and tasty, then include oats along with milk and fruits to your breakfast. Adding these things to your healthy meal plan will provide your body with all the nutrients that are required to stay fit. The above-mentioned food items will provide you with a whopping amount of protein, fibre, clean carbs and good calories along with vitamins and minerals. If you crave for tea or coffee in the morning, then you can include them in your healthy diet plan. The only thing is that you have to reduce the quantity of caffeine and sugar, which means have half cup tea or coffee without sugar.

Mid-Morning Meal

Keeping a huge gap between breakfast and lunch is very bad as it can increase acidity and can lead to other health problems as well. Nutritionists who offer the best diet plans always recommend eating some low-calorie food items as mid-morning meals. This meal should contain healthy and nutritious food items like nuts, cumbers, etc. You can also add fruit to your diet plan to be healthy. These food items will help in breaking down the cellulose in the body and strengthen you from inside.


Often you will see diet conscious people avoiding carbs, but do you know that your body needs a good amount of carbs to form energy? A diet plan should always include some amounts of clean carbs such as brown rice or even white rice, wheat roti, etc. You do not have to eat fancy food items for lunch, you can simply have home-cooked meals to stay healthy. A nutritious diet plan should include food sources that are rich in protein, carbs, fibres along with vitamins and minerals. You can have 1 cup of rice (be it white or brown) or 2 wheat Rotis, these are high-calorie foods with good amounts of carbs, but having them in moderate quantities would help in providing your body with a boost of energy. Include a bowl of daal/ pulses to your healthy eating plan, this is again a source of high protein and fibres. Include more and more salads to your lunch, this will help in easy digestion of food. Try to include curd into your healthy diet plan as it is rich in calcium and protein, which helps in improving your gut activity. Lastly, do not forget that your body also needs huge amounts of vitamins and minerals, which you can easily get through home-cooked vegetables.

Evening snacks

We usually feel a surge of hunger in the evening and that is when we tend to gulp down high-calorie foods like burger, pizza, a cup of tea loaded with sugar, etc. The consumption of pizza or burger is not at all notorious if you eat them in moderate quantities and in the right way. Instead of eating junk from outside, have the same food at home. You can use brown bread base or multigrain buns for making these food items. Some of the best healthy foods to eat during the evening are nuts and fruits. If you are craving tea or coffee, you can have it anytime but without using sugar. If you are looking for a diet plan to be healthy, then never include aerated drinks, refined sugar or white bread in your daily meals. Try to have green tea if possible as it helps in boosting your immunity along with increasing your metabolism.


Dinner is the last meal of the day and nutrition for food taken at this time should be highly rich in protein and very less in carbohydrates. To stay healthy, always make sure you eat your dinner within 8 pm in the evening, this will allow your body to digest the food that you are gulping down. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can include chicken and eggs as a part of your nutritious diet plan. You can eat baked fish or grilled chicken along with some salads. If you are a vegetarian, then try eating salads and consuming a bowl full of pulses or vegetable soup. Try to avoid eating roti or rice in the night as much as possible.

Conclusion: Try to follow these tips and tricks every day to see a change in your physical appearance. Having a healthy and nutritious diet will help in providing your body with all the nutrients that are required to keep your body fit and skin glow.

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