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Jul 25, 2015

Chest and shoulder

Respected sir !! I did daily chest exercise before starting my workout but my chest is became up and don't get in shape..i took proper diet like whey protein,eggs and many more.what should i do for better chest.
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Jul 27, 2015


For overall chest development make sure you hit your cest from all angles like incine bench press, decline bench press and also incorporate lots of dumbell fly's.


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Aug 04, 2015


Do first starting push up 4 Set15/20 Reps and after that start 4 set 10/12 rep incline bench press and incline dumbell press and flat bench press and incline dumbell fly, and decline bench press after that failure sets of push-up. 

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Aug 04, 2015

hi amit,


don't do daily chest and shoulder exercise before your workout beacuse body need proper time to recover (around 72 hrs).

If  your chest and shoulder are week then you should hit  two times in a week with heavy weight. like

Advance, Gain
Day 1 and 4
Chest n Shoulder   
ExerciseSetsRepsTarget Muscle
Flat Bench Press412Pectoralis Major and Minor
Incline Dumb Bell Fly312Pectoralis Major and Minor
Incline Dumbell Press312Pectoralis Major and Minor
Decline Dumb Bell Press312Pectoralis Major and Minor
Military Press412Anterior Deltoid
Front Raise312Anterior Deltoid
Rear Deltoid Fly312Middle Deltoid
Lateral Raise312Posterior Deltoid

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