70 Years Old Bodybuilder Proves That Age Is Just A Number-Zidd to be Forever Young

Nothing is impossible to achieve if your determination is strong enough to defeat your own self. Prove yourself what you are able to overcome and take home an all new and improved version of you.

Age is just a number and time again you’ll stumble upon people who prove this fact to be true. Maruti Pandurang Hargude, a 70-year-old man from Maharashtra, India has forged himself a body of steel and is still working at it. It was when team MuscleBlaze® was shooting for its #ZiddiHoonMai campaign when they unraveled the journey of his fitness to this point where he is perfecting his body and not giving a dime to those who ask him to stop! It all takes your inner stubbornness to be selfish and earn yourself what you feel comfortable with. Maruti’s Zidd kept him fueled enough to last 70 odd years and still going. A ‘Zidd’ is easy to light but to keep it ablaze, you need to pay for hard work and cold sweat while banishing the comfort zones. Our team asked him about his journey and the response was mind-boggling.


Maruti Pandurang Hargude Mumbai Shree Champion

Team MuscleBlaze: Your hair is trying to reveal your age, but your body is saying otherwise! How old are you and since when did you start your journey of bodybuilding?

Maruti: I was born in a small village in Maharashtra and now I am 70 years old. I have a family of 6 to feed yet I never compromised any responsibility with my passion of carving a fit and strong body. Ever since I remember, I enjoyed running and yoga since my school days and I used to run every morning followed by yoga and Surya Namaskar. My morning routine has not changed since.


Team MuscleBlaze: What prompted you to choose bodybuilding over regular fitness exercises?

Maruti: It was around 10 years ago while I was running and working out in a small park in Mumbai and a young lad came to and complimented me for such a fit body even at an age of 60. He then suggested me to join a gym and workout to shape my body further. At first, I laughed it off but when several other people also asked me to do same, I joined a gym and that was where I realized my true potential and have never looked back since.


Team MuscleBlaze: Constant bodybuilding and so much of hard work. What are you trying to achieve by following your passion?

Maruti: I do not like the idea of being sick or unhealthy even if your age demands you to feel that way. I see my fellow people around complaining about chronic and persisting pain and illness which stop them from living their lives to the fullest. I always suggest them to engage in some physical activity and stand by it. Eating right and eating mindfully is also important. You cannot expect your body to work properly if you are fueling it with a low-grade food. My aim is to live healthily and die healthy and working out even at the age of 70 makes me feel physically and mentally strong which eventually makes me happy.

Team MuscleBlaze: Don’t you think you have achieved something very extraordinary which even the young generation is failing to achieve?

Maruti: No, I don’t think that I have achieved something unimaginable. It is a basic thing which every human is capable to achieve regardless of age, gender, place, and ethnicity. It is only the mindset which has become used to the comforts of the modern world. A strong determination is all that you need to do anything in your life.


Team MuscleBlaze: What are your achievements in bodybuilding?

Maruti: I have been participating in IBBF Mumbai Shree and have also won it several times. I won my first title as the winner of IBBF Mumbai Shree around 10 years ago and after that, I started participating in various national level competitions. I have secured the title of the first runner-up in the national bodybuilding championship at the age of 63 and still feel equally strong. I am trying hard and practicing participating in world championships and win my country enough medals to meet a match of its glory.


Team MuscleBlaze: What is that one thing that you love the most about bodybuilding?

Maruti: The most amazing thing that I found with bodybuilding that it rewards you truly and as per your hard work. The best part, you don’t have to trade the reward for anything else in your life as it is all for your own self. My hard work will give me a body that I desire for and most of all, it keeps me young at heart and healthy so that I can set an example to overcome all the lame excuses given by my younger counterparts.

Team MuscleBlaze: What is your message to the youth and what mistakes should they avoid?

Maruti: Youthfulness is the greatest gift of God to a human being. If utilized wisely, you can conquer even the highest of peaks. Do not waste your life by sitting on couches and acting like potatoes all day and night. You have been gifted a wonderful body and it is your duty to make it as strong as steel. Avoid spending too much time with screens as it is fueling consumerism. Get up and get out of your comfort zone and start investing in your own self. Trust me, you will never regret that.


Team MuscleBlaze: What is your opinion about #ZiddiHoonMai?

Maruti: #ZiddiHoonMai is a much-needed inspiration to wake the people up and realize their true potential. I hope everyone joins the league and forget about what other people will think and start working on what you want to achieve for yourself in life.


MuscleBlaze® has initiated the #ZiddiHoonMai campaign to help people realize that their passion can be their ultimate power if they never stop perfecting it. Find your Zidd and let it light the way to your success.

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