Find Your Zidd Like These People Did and Shut the Haters Up!

Our passion defines us as a person and gives us our individuality. Do not care what other people want you to do, just build your dreams and work hard to achieve them.

Our lives are the sum results of the choices that we make, and this defines what we are and who we want to be. Being stubborn is not always good but being stubborn when you know the path to your dreams can bring you wonders. We meet many people every day and do not always bother to look inside their heads and hearts to find out what they are really made up of. 

The #ZiddiHoonMain initiated by MuscleBlaze® is helping people to open about their dreams which they are passionate about. That "Never Say Die" attitude, it is hard to earn but once you have it, no one can stop you from achieving what you have always dreamt of. MuscleBlaze® brings to you the story of unsung heroes who went against all odds only to watch themselves succeed.

1. Amit Upadhyay
We study hard in our early years of life to get a job that pays well and gets you riches. But what if all those riches fail to make you happy and satisfied in life? Amit Upadhyay shares his story:

Yes, I admit that ZiddiHoonMain, because even a great opportunity at an IT organization was not something which made me happy even though I worked hard my entire life to achieve it. It was when I realized that only fitness is my passion and I chose it over everything else. I fought back when my parents disagreed with my decision of becoming a fitness trainer and as result, I left my home and started surviving on my own. I worked hard at odd jobs to pay my rent and arrange for my daily needs. There were my times when I skipped my meals only so that I can save money to reach my goal, but I never compromised with my passion. To all my hard work and struggle, only one thing stood by me and that was MuscleBlaze® Whey Gold. This was the only highest quality whey protein available which fulfilled my nutritional needs and as it is a vegetarian product, I relied on it no matter what.”

2. Jyoti Ranjan Kunal
Life isn't always fair to you as when there is everything supporting you to reach your dreams, something tragic happens to stop you from going there. Only people with strong determination and Zidd win over.

"It was all going great when one day, in a tragic incident, I got a fracture in my right leg. I had to undergo surgery to get that fixed and the doctors advised me to not put any kind of weight on my right leg for at least 3 months. I was not allowed to go to the gym and it was the worst that I could have ever imagined. But, my Zidd to stay fit and muscular helped me survive the phase and I started my workout at home like doing different kinds of pushups, pull-ups, and I also lift LPG cylinder as a weight for the biceps and shoulder exercises so that I won't lose my muscles. Don't believe me? Watch my video on my timeline.”

3. Bhumika Rohilla
A woman is no less than a man and vice versa. But the patriarchy is in the genes and we need to get rid of it soon. Bhumika Rohilla, a fashion designer by profession, is an athlete by passion and how she manages the both is an inspiring one. Checkout!

"I love weight training and I lift heavy weight. Kick Boxing is my passion and it doesn't make me stop at any cost. I am not worried about my pretty nails to be broke or my face getting bruised. I am a fashion designer, and, in our society, it is a psyche that women should be soft-spoken, delicate, slim, and petite. But I am totally against this thinking. Women possess the power of the world and we just need to explore it. I explored my power and passion when I started training 7 months back and this is for life now because I am too Ziddi to let these riches go!”

4. Krishna Banerjee
Do not be upset about the speed of your journey to your goals, just cling to it and keep going because "Rome was not built in one day".

"I am Krishna Banerjee and I am a professional footballer since last 6 years. Apparently, I met an accident and got my knee injured. Now everyone asks me to quit football and start finding my passion in something else. But for me, football is life and I will prove my passion to everyone though I don't want to prove anyone wrong. Football is my Zidd and I am working hard to prove that my passion will find justice because of #ZiddiHoonMain.”

5. Akhilesh Kumar Ray
Life throws different challenges to everyone and you never know what the other one is going through until you step into their shoes. It is just that some people are better at keeping things easy no matter how hard they are. 

"I work as an Area Service Manager for LAVA. I remember that when I first joined my job, I had to reach office by 9 AM without fail and due to this I couldn't prepare my afternoon meal. But I was too Ziddi to give up and to get my clean meal at a time, I used to utilize my 1-hour break to go back to my place and prepare my meal and reach back to work without being late. My co-workers used to ask me why I run after fitness so much and my answer is still the same Ziddi Hoon Main.”

You no longer need to dwell on the superficial quotes and motivating speeches as these real-life people are here in front of you churning out success from what other people deem impossible. Find your passion and break all the odds to ace at it and whenever anyone dares to ask you stop, just say #ZiddiHoonMain.

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