Nothing Gets You Faster to Your Goals but Your Strong and Prevailing Zidd!!

Winners do not reach their goals merely waiting to reach there. They struggle hard and live by their Zidd and eventually reach their goals.


{Adjective:  Having or showing a grim determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially despite good reasons to do so.}


{Pronoun: Someone or something that shows a grim determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially despite good reasons to do so.}


The new age heroes do not wear a cape and a sheer mask! So, how do ones get recognized? Well, they can be found even in the crowd as they stand out among all with their carved muscles and an attitude which only true heroes possess. MuscleBlaze brings another compilation of 5 more ziddis who have fought with the life’s challenges and grabbed their goals by the neck to achieve what they had always dreamt of!

Ziddi Hoon main

1. Mohd Shoaib

Life is a roller coaster ride and for some people, the ups and downs are just too harsh to bear.

“I met a tragic accident when I was in 10th standard, and it left my entire elbow crushed. At that time, I had to undergo two surgeries which left me with 35 stitches. I had this undying passion for bodybuilding, but the accident made me feel that it was an impossible goal to achieve now. I never felt lost though, which is why that even with a financial crunch, I used my pocket money for college wisely and saved enough to pay for my gym. I am an engineer today with a decent salary, and even today I make time for the gym after work despite any challenges life throws on me because of #ZiddiHoonMain.”

Ziddi Hoon Main

2. Shekhar Sharma

When you have no one, you must stand up for your own self because you deserve what you desire, and you got to work hard to get that!

“Yes, ZiddiHoonMain because I am living my passion without having any support from my family. I have managed to pursue bodybuilding even while I do not get money from my family. I save my pocket money for college and pay for the gym and even buy protein. MuscleBlaze has really helped me with its pocket savvy protein products. I reach home around 6 from college and leave for the gym around 7:30. My family doesn’t support me neither do they bother about my needs for my passion. No one understands me, but I do, and I’ll soon prove my passion and earn respect for that!”

Ziddi Hoon Main

3. Pushpak Patil

The real legends don’t just get inspired, they inspire the others too and help them win over life with a passion in their hearts.

“You do not necessarily need to pursue your career into what you are passionate about. I have been training since I was 16 years old and today I am 23 and still do my training as passionately. Earlier it was very difficult for me to maintain a rich protein diet and supplements, but I never left my passion. I am a mathematics teacher today and academics is not the only thing that I teach. I teach all my students about fitness and help them to be fit because they say that it is the survival of the fittest. Kyunki Zidd hai, apne sath sabko fit rakhne ki. Ziddi for life, powerlifter by passion! #ZiddiHoonMain.”

Ziddi Hoon Main

4. Samrat Zarkar

Nothing is impossible if you have a strong determination and will to overcome the failures. Body transformations are real and Samrat Zarkar has proved it! Let’s get a look at how creatively he explained his life journey with us.

Wo zidd hi thi jo mujhe mere aaj me le aayi hai,
Wo zidd hi thi jisne meri majburi ko aadat banayi hai!
Wo zidd hi thi jisne bina alarm ke uthna sikhaya,
Wo zidd he this jisne rukne se rukaya,
Girne se bachaya,
Harne se jitaya,
Before se after banaya!
Wo zidd hi thi
Jisne 126kgs se 76kgs mujhe banaya


Ziddi Hoon Main

5. Meghna Kunwar

Body shaming is a serious issue and we should not let it change the way we feel about ourselves. However; Meghna Kunwar chose her body shaming as her inspiration to a fitter and better life. Here’s her story.

“Four years ago, during my college, I was a victim of body shaming. It hurt me and shook me till core and there was a time when I felt shattered. But I stood for myself and decided to shut all the mouths. At that time neither my parents nor my boyfriend supported me in my fitness journey. I started working as a part-time content writer to earn money to pay for my fitness needs and then I bought my first box of protein. I haven’t stopped my fitness journey yet and I never will and when people say that I have got insane muscles, I take pride and say muscles Hain kyunki #ZiddiHoonMain.”

These youths have proved that no goal is too difficult to grab and it only requires your true dedication, time, and unfailing Zidd to make it a big hit!

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