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Top 10 High Calorie Food For Clean Bulking

Read top 10 high calorie food for clean bulking. Also read benefits, uses of high calorie food

One of the bulking misconceptions that most of the people believe that you have the freedom to eat and eat while ignoring your carbs, sugar and salt intake. Doing this will not fill your frame with minimal fat or lean muscle but will bulk your gut with visceral fat. The right way to bulk is to increase the training volume and the calories with the right kind of food.

Just as doing leg extensions will not add muscle, eating the wrong foods will not give you the muscular body that you are dreaming of. Healthy and easy bulking is all about eating a right amount of right quality food sources that will help in maximizing muscle growth and minimise fat gain and boost your metabolism and enhance joints and heart health.

It is so easy to gulp down the wrong foods, so here is the list of top 10 high calories foods and calorie-dense foods to help you with clean and healthy bulking.

If you have been trying to get shredded then avoiding or cutting on dairy might be a bad idea. Whole milk is the perfect way to stock up on protein, calcium, calories and extra fat to your diet, with around 150 calories in a glass.

Whole milk and cottage cheese are healthy high-calorie food, adding them to your diet gives a good source of protein that helps in building muscles while the carbohydrates and fats help in restoring muscle glycogen and maximise the muscle-building. So, try to have whole milk with your after-workout protein shake or have a bowl of cottage cheese before bed for better results.

When it comes to achieving that great physique, lean sources of protein are the ideal high calorie foods for bulking because it is a good source of protein, fat and is low in calories and helps in muscle mass growth. Lean beef is also a natural source of creatine and heme iron; both are essential for building muscle.

Getting an adequate amount of starchy carbohydrates first in the morning following your training session is the perfect way to get the calories for building muscle instead of putting them in your waistline. You can eat quinoa warm or cold just like oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has a high protein content, and each serving meets your daily zinc needs, a vital nutrient for good testosterone levels.

Without a doubt, these are the versatile grains that can easily be used to bump up your calories without eating too much. You can eat rolled oats in breakfast like oatmeal, blend it into a smoothie or mix together with the peanut butter and chocolate protein powder for your muscle-building goals. Also, they are perfect on the go snack.

Right fat is what helps in the easy and healthy bulk. Fats provide more than twice the calories per gram than carbs or protein, making it easier for you to meet the high-calorie targets. Avocado contains a high level of monounsaturated fats, that prevent redistribution of body fat towards the abs, keeping the midsection tight while you bulk up. Avocados are also a perfect way to get a good dose of fiber in your diet.

Sprouted grain bread is a better alternative than regular bread. The best part about them is they have a lower glycemic index as compared to traditional bread. It helps in better blood sugar control which results in a better muscle fat ratio while bulking up. Make sure you keep the sprouted grain bread in the freezer until you are ready to eat them because they are not packed with preservatives.

Nuts are energy-dense food loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats, which makes nut and nut butters perfect high calorie foods for weight gain. Small serving of it can provide you with a large amount of calories along with fat and protein. Nuts and nut butters contain essential micronutrients and minerals such as zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and magnesium, all of which are crucial when it comes to building muscle mass and maintaining a healthy nutritional status. Try munching on a handful of nuts or banana with peanut butter when hunger kicks in.

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Want to get a good amount of fat and protein in your diet? Go for whole eggs, each egg gives you 75- 90 calories. If you think that eggs are unhealthy because of high cholesterol, then you might need to rethink because eggs are loaded with high healthy cholesterol. Get a good source of protein and fat by making scrambled egg or omelette.

Bulking not only requires protein and fat but carbohydrates also. Do not cut on carbs, go for foods like meat and potatoes rich in complex carbs. An average potato provides 40 grams of carbs and various vitamins and minerals. And it is the perfect high calorie food for hard gainers. For clean bulk, avoid refined sugar, refined flour and junk food.

If you have got a sweet tooth then instead of munching on unhealthy options, go for dark chocolate it is a perfect way to fix your sugar cravings without sabotaging your fitness journey. Chocolate with over 75% cocoa is loaded with monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. Include dark chocolate in oatmeal or banana covered in dark chocolate and peanut butter.

So, this was the list of high calorie foods for bulking. If you are planning to bulk up and not including these bulking foods in your diet, you might be making mass-gaining mistakes. While bulking up, it is essential to meet your both macro and micro-nutrients needs, it is the key to get all the benefits.

Do you know any other bulking foods or you are following any 5000 calorie bulking diet? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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