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Top 10 Must Haves in Your Gym Bag

Written By Archana

A gym bag is required for fitness enthusiasts and muscle seekers. Know the 10 must haves in you gym bag and make the most of your gym time.

For workout warriors, athletes and gym addicts a gym bag is not an accessory, rather a necessity. Carrying the necessary essentials to your gym can spell a difference in your workout speed, intensity and recovery. Including the obvious shakers, shoes, clothes and deodorants, your gym bag carries more of the much-needed stuff.

Know 10 such must-have items in your gym bag and make a point to carry those when you go to work out.


You cannot exercise properly if you are not comfortable enough. The right workout clothes are a must-have in your gym bag, especially if you head to a gym after work. While choosing your workout clothes, comfort should be your topmost priority. Well-fitted clothes may look good, but they do not allow you the flexibility needed for those low squats. Since you are going to get sweaty in the gym, it is wise to keep an extra pair of socks and shorts along with a t-shirt in your gym bag.


The right shoes are needed to cushion and support your feet in all the right spots, which in turn can prevent injuries in ankles knees or hips. Your footwear also changes as per your workout.  For instance, a sturdy sole will help with lateral movements during a HIIT class, while sneakers are going to give you a running advantage. If you lift a lot in the gym, your shoes will be different.  Contrary to running shoes that absorb pressure, weight lifting shoes use all the force your body produces to help move more weight. These shoes have a raised heel and they allow you to squat into a deeper position.


You need a workout log to monitor your progress. This will help you know if you are growing or not. Your workout journal is needed to monitor your number of reps, sets, weights and rest. This will help you know whether you are lifting heavier or you are stuck in a growth plateau. Do carry your workout logs to track your progress.



A timer or monitor will help you keep a real-time tab on your progress. Some heart rate monitors connect directly with your fitness band. These devices are easily worn while training and can be easily stashed away in your gym bag at other times. You can use this during cardio and lifting sessions to monitor your heartbeat and stay in the desired zone. Some heart rate monitors will even give estimations of total calories burned, so if fat loss is a primary goal, give them a look


Gyms are sweaty places and they are teeming with germs. Towels are handy and act as a barrier between potentially germy gym equipment and the user. It is always a good idea to lay a towel on the mat and lie on it, to avoid the sweat and smell of the previous user. You can also use instant disinfecting wipes to clean gym equipment before and after use. Like towels, instant disinfecting wipes disinfect gym equipment before and after use.


You are going to get thirsty in the gym. Rather than waiting at the water cooler to get a drink, you should carry your water bottle with you. You can spike the water as per your preference with honey and lemon, BCAAs supplement to keep your tempo high in the gym. Even if it is plain water it will keep you hydrated enough in between your sets.


A high-quality shaker with your favourite protein powder is required to meet your protein needs after you have worked out. Your muscles undergo wear and tear and you need to provide them with essential amino acids to begin the process of muscle building and repair. A shaker helps you meet your protein needs without any delay post-workout and is a must-have in a gym bag.


Well, every gym plays music but your motivation is higher if you listen to your own playlist. Listen to the music that makes you tick and you need to carry high-quality headphones or earphones to your gym to listen to your kind of music.


No pain and no muscle gain. As much as it is true, you do not need to endure the pain for a longer duration. It’s possible that you are going to stretch your muscle tissues while lifting heavier or exercising more than usual. A pain-relieving spray is your immediate quick fix. Keep it in your gym bag.


It’s good to get sweaty in the gym, but it is uncool to smell that way. You don’t need to if you keep deodorant in your gym bag. A quick swipe with an astringent will help unclog your sweaty pores and make you look fresh once again.

Include the 10-must have essentials in your gym bag and it is going to benefit your workouts as well as your personality.

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