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Sep 24, 2015

Creat big bicep, tricep,chest & six pack

Hello Sir This is Ranjan M,5.5Inch Wgt-76KG, Waist-34Inch from Chennai. Last 2 Months before M 96 KG, but with strict Diet & proper xecercise now M 76KG. Now M keen interseted to Build Big Bicep, Tricep, Big Chest & near to Six Pack. My excercise time Morning 5.30AM to 7AM. My Diet had Morng-Oats,3 Egg, Protien 1 Scop, 11.30AM some papeya/Apple, Launch 2 Roti, 150 Chicken,Veg 1 Bowl, 4PM Tea & Fruits & Ngt 2 roti, 3 Egg & 1 Bown Veg. But Sit due to lack of knwledge of Proper Protein & Suppliment Plan, Diet Plan & Excercise and finally Lify style plan will not achive My Target. Kindly request you to look in to the above issue and plz advise proper Diet, Protein & excercise so that M achive My target soon. Again My hats off to U for your achive of such a big place & help Us. Rgds Ranjan 9003190082
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Sep 24, 2015
Hi ranjan, You can follow the the Farhan Akhtar's by Samir jaura workout for better results you can go through the below link: http://connect.healthkart.com/blogs/farhan-akhtars-bhaag-milkha-bhaag-workout-samir-jaura Also you should cut down you simple carbs, simple sugar, saturated fat from your diet, Follow this supplement stack for better results: 1. Whey ISOLATE(as post-workout) 2. BCAA ( as intra-workout) 3. Multivitamin 4. Omega 3 5. CASEIN ( as a night time protein)

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