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Sep 25, 2015

Creatine usage and fat on sides of chest.

I want to know about the proper usage of creatine. Its side effects if not drinking enough water. Explain. And how much is enough water. Fat on sides of to reduce it as i took a mass fat got deposited
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Oct 01, 2015


Creatine dosages:

  • 20 g / d for 5 - 7 days ("loading phase")
  • 5 g / d for remainder of cycle ("maintenance phase")
  • A more customized approach is to determine dose based on mass. A common formula is:
  • 0.3 g / kg / d for 5 - 7 days
  • 0.03 g / kg / d for remainder of cycle

Thus, an individual weighing two-hundred (200) pounds would require 200 lb * (1 lb / 2.2 kg) * 0.3 g = 27 grams per day for the loading phase, then 2.7 grams per day for the maintenance phase. 

If your are not able to have 4-5 ltrs water then you will face cramping issue so thats why this is more important to have enough water in a day.


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