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Aug 23, 2015

Current weight 80 weight 72

hello sir/mam.                        my name is anuj sharma .i live in alwar raj.once i was of 103 kgs but after gyming session i brought my weight down to 80kgs.but now i am facing a problem.i hav been working out from 3 months but my weight is stuck at 79 or 80 kgs,after doing heavy workouts also i cant lose can u tell me the best Fat burner with which i can lose weight in just 2 months i want my weight to be 72 kgs...plzzzzz helppppp
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Aug 23, 2015
Hy Anuj Firstly I appreciate your work. If you loose 23kg then there is no need to go for fat burner, I recommend take casein protein before bed at night. It have properties of slow digestion which is helpful to reduce weight when you sleeping. 30 min cardio after your weight training which is your normal treadmills walk is sufficient. Take low carbs and more protein diet. Eat breakfast strong including fiber or protein for your metabolism.

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