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Feb 03, 2016

Diet and exercise plan.

I have a more of endomrph body type, maybe endomrph- mesomorph. In spite of much effort I cannot cut down my lower belly fat and my waist fat. I try to eat clean. Suggest diet plan and workout regime that will help me shed fat as well as gain muscle mass at the same time. Also, please let me know how much distance shouldI run per day... This constantly confuses me. Thank you.
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Feb 09, 2016

Belly fat is last to come off and first to come back. Don't try to eat clean. Eat clean. Limit your carbohydrates. Have plenty of protein. Do not indulge in any fast digesting carbs, this means avoid junk, cold drink and even energy drinks. For the last month cut out sugar by having only black coffee and no processed foods.


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