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Jan 09, 2017

Diet plan for pure vegetarian for building abs.

Hi Team HK, I am Avneesh regular customer of HK, I looking to build up Abs specially lower abs, Difficulty I am only finding about diet plan. I am pure veg. not taking egg even, So If you can help me by diet plan will be so helpful for me. Regards, Avneesh
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Jan 10, 2017
As per the information that you have provided, you are purely vegetarian and doesn't even take eggs. For building abbs you need to maintain a low carbohydrate (Chapatti, rice, bread etc) and a very high protein (Whey Water, Low Fat Paneer, Low Fat Curd, Low Fat Milk, Small quantity of daals/ soyabean). Also you need to maintain small and frequent meal pattern for better results.
For more precise diet plan, you can contact us on 01244616444.

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