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Aug 09, 2017

Does whey protein causes constipation ?

Hello. My name is Satanik Basu. I'm working out since 2015 and lost 20 kg fat. Now I'm going for muscle building. I have a problem and that is constipation. While searching for protein supplements on the internet I found that protein supplements do cause constipation. If this is true , then should I take it ? or if I shouldn't then what should be the replacement. Please suggest. Thank You
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Aug 11, 2017

Hi Satanik,

For muscle building, you can consume whey protein post workout. Generally, it doesn't harm if you use as per the dosage but some times excessive protein intake may cause mild abdominal heaviness or bloating in the body if it's not utilized properly. In case you have a constipation issue, increase your water intake, at least 5-6 lit a day as it's required along with the supplements. You can also consume psyllum husk or Triphala at bed time with water for constipation.


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