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Jul 23, 2015

Doing lot of cardio, aerobics and ab exercises , but unable to reduce belly. any suggestions?

I was 90 kg last year and managed to reduce 15 kgs , but still having fat belt on my tummy, i m trying hard but no results, even i have taken several fat burners and whey protein , so please suggest some alternative or some other excercise ?  
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Jul 23, 2015

Hi Kushagra,

Firstly stop doing cardio, start weight training. Your metabolism gets damaged and believe it or not, eating more and supplementing with weight training will help you build muscle which will then reduce your overall fat. So calculate your calories and eat 100-200 calories above your maintainance calories for 6 months (lean mass phase) and then slowly reduce to 500 calories BELOW your mantainance to cut off the fat. Lastly, be patient! The results don't come overnight.

Hope this helps!

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Jul 23, 2015

puneet is right

1.check your bmr rate(basal metabolic rate) try to bring it withing range .

2.calculate your calorie intake  based on your bmr

3.gradually reduce calories every week till you are in a deficit of 500 below your maintainence level.

4.reduce cardio to 4times (preferably do hiit[high intensity interval training]),dont do liss(low intensity steady state )cardio.


if you reduce weight by excessive cardio or starving in a short period of time your metabolism will slow down and you feel tired all the time.the trick is to gradually lower your calories.if your bowel movements are irregular probably you need to jump start your metabolism.


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