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Jul 24, 2015

During high gastric/acidity should i go for gym?

Hi, I am having problem because of acidity/gastric, can you please tell me whether I should go for gym or not in this problem, I don't know whether I am getting this problem because of liver or simply because of foods that I use to have.
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Jul 27, 2015

Hi Mridul,

This seems to happen due to diet only. Change your diet and continue working out. 


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Aug 05, 2015
Yes you can go for jym.. Acidity is common problem for non jym person. It depend on diet , tension , and improper time for food. In starting don't take any acidic food take mild food. Avoid junk , eat clean , and stop taking milk for some time.. Better diet make better lifestyle , health is wealth Be natural be healthy
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Aug 10, 2015

Yes gym or any kind of fuctionaL WORKOUT is good for you.

and also you should take a cap. of milk thistel too.


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