Fat Loss 28% to 15% - Ultimate Fitness Transformation of Vinod Kumar

13% Fat Loss in 3 Months defines the ultimate fitness transformation of Vinod Kumar. This true story is an inspiration for all who want to achieve their fitness goals.

We sleep with various positive thoughts of exercising and weight loss. What stops us is the unconditional 5-minute sleep love that fails the entire day routine. People who want to lose weight need to change their daily routine activities, that is from waking up early to sleeping early and from eating healthy to exercising daily. Losing weight is either a skill or a will issue.  

Vinod Kumar’s fat loss story is an ideal example. Vinod also had to face various challenges initially, but his dedication towards fat loss helped him overcome hindrances. Let’s read his fat loss transformation story in his own words

Fat Loss Transformation

1. What inspired you to take this Fat Loss Routine?

Last year in April, I suffered from a severe neck problem due to which I was bedridden. I couldn’t move my neck left or right. Doctor (Neurologist) advised me to wear a neck collar for 6 weeks and my therapy was continued for a certain period of time. During that time I had (omit) started gaining weight. It was then when I realised that it was the correct time to start my fitness journey. 

2. How was your eating habits and lifestyle before fat loss and transformation?

I was not very good with my eating habits. I am a vegetarian and junk food was my weakness. I ate almost everything, without paying any attention to my weight.    

3. Exercise routine (weight loss & muscle building)

Day 1 - Monday

Exercise Type - Back, Biceps & Upper Abs


Lat Pull Down4 Sets10 - 12 
Bent-over Barbell Row4 Sets10 - 12 
Dumbbell Pullover4 Sets10 - 12 
Barbell Deadlift3 Sets10 - 12 


EZ Bar curls3 Sets10 - 12
Dumbbell curls3 Sets10 - 12
Machine Barbell curls3 Sets10 - 12
Cable Rope Hammer Curls3 Sets10 - 12

Upper Abs

Crunches4 Sets15 - 25
Reverse Crunches4 Sets15 - 25
Cable Crunches4 Sets15 - 25
Bicycles Crunches4 Sets15 - 25

Day 2 - Tuesday

Exercise Type - Chest, Triceps & Lower Abs


Flat Bench Press3 Sets10 - 12 
Incline Bench Press3 Sets10 - 12 
Decline Bench Press3 Sets10 - 12 
Machine Fly3 Sets10 - 12 
Cable Fly3 Sets10 - 12


Close Grip Bench Press3 Sets10 - 12
Pulley Push Down3 Sets10 - 12
Cable Rope Push Down3 Sets10 - 12
EZ Bar Triceps Extension3 Sets10 - 12
Triceps Dips3 Sets10 - 12

Upper Abs

Hanging Leg Raises3 Sets15 - 25
Mountain Climber3 Sets15 - 25
Hip Tips3 Sets15 - 25
Windshield Wipers3 Sets15 - 25

Day 3 - Wednesday

Exercise Type - Legs, Shoulders & Sides


Barbell Squats4 Sets10 - 12 
Legs Press4 Sets10 - 12
Leg Extensions4 Sets10 - 12 
Lying Leg Curls3 Sets10 - 12 
Sumo Squats3 Sets10 - 12


Barbell Overhead Press3 Sets10 - 12
Barbell Front Raise3 Sets10 - 12
Dumbbell Lateral Raise3 Sets10 - 12
Dumbbell Upright Row3 Sets10 - 12
Dumbbell Shrugs3 Sets8 - 10 (with heavyweight)

Sides & Obliques

Hanging Sides Crunches3 Sets15 - 25
Rusian Twists3 Sets15 - 25
Heel Touches3 Sets15 - 25

Day 4 - Thursday

Exercise Type - Back, Biceps & Upper Abs

Repeat As Monday

Day 5 - Friday

Exercise Type - Chest, Triceps & Lower Abs

Repeat As Thursday

Day 6 - Saturday

Exercise Type - Legs, Shoulders & Sides

Repeat As Wednesday

Day 7 - Sunday


4. What was your diet for fat loss and muscle building?

Early Morning7:30 AM1 Scoop Whey Protein
Breakfast9: 30 AM4 Brown bread with Cheeze Slice/Spinach with Paneer
Lunch1:00 PMRice mix some vegetables & 1 Cup Curd
Evening Snacks4:00 PM1 Small Bowl Muesli
After Workout9:00 PM1 Scoop Whey Protein
Dinner10:00 PM1 Plate Salad with 1 bowl Vegetable/Dal

5. Weight and fat % before and after

When I started, my weight was 73 kg with 28% fat, but after sticking to a strict routine I was 72.5 kg with 15% fat. I was amazed to see the fat loss percentage. Eating healthy made me fit. Now, I want to go ahead with the same diet plan. Yes, I might cheat on the diet sometimes but regular exercising burns my calories for sure.

Transformation - Before & After

6. Were there any roadblocks/difficulties while achieving the desired results?

Of course yes! During office working hours can you imagine working out? When you are working at a position, office pressure does not allow you to think anything else apart from sleep. But giving up was not the option for me. With my office, I continued doing daily exercises and followed my diet properly. Finally, I did it, not for anyone else but for me. 

7. What advice would you like to give to others aspiring to lose weight / get fit?

To get fit, you have to be dedicated & focused towards your goal. Eat clean and stay healthy.

8. Anything else that you might want to add?

Keep calm and continue your journey, you will surely achieve your fitness goal.

Similar to Vinod Kumar there are various other examples around you, who have transformed their life by adopting a new fit & healthy lifestyle. Hard work is the key to gain success… Remember - There are no shortcuts.

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