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Sep 25, 2015

Finding the right supplement stack?

Hi everyone, I'm 21, 5' 10'' and 68 kg with chest 38'' and biceps 14''. I workout everyday focusing on only a single muscle with doing around 5 excerises with 3 sets of every excerise. I've been working out from June 2014 when I was just 55 kgs. It's been going well but now I have stopped bulking. I took ON 100% Gold Standard (1 scoop daily) from December 14 to March 15 then tried Muscletech Nitrotech from June 15 till last month. I'm now trying to bulk more and want to get around 75kgs with chest 40'' and biceps 15''. Since I'm working out enough there is problem with nutrition. So which post & pre supplements should I take? I'm thinking about taking ON HydroBuilder 2 scoops/day one for post workout and one every morning . I want to add a pre workout what would be a good one and should I try any other whey that packs more calories. I don't want to take a mass gainer. I took one when I started and I'm done with them.   Which supplement stack would be best for me?
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