Follow these 10 rules: Gyms are reopening


Yoga fitness centers , gyms, and other fitness centers are going to open soon. Excited to join a gym or other fitness classes once again after so long during the covid -19. But there are some protocols needed to be followed to stay healthy and not get affected by coronavirus. Follow these 10  gym reopening guidelines strictly that will keep you away from the coronavirus reach.  

Update Your Arogya Setu App

Renew your gym membership along with renewing Ayogya Setu App with new information. Give all the correct information about your health, history of journey, and other essential details. Tell your gym trainer to announce this in the gym. This will track the patient nearby you and keep you updated about him. Don’t lose your head with the news of gym reopening, be a responsible citizen and avoid hiding the personal information. And always keep your location, network, and bluetooth on, in the phone. Also recommend others using and filling correct information in Arogya Setu App firstly. 


Don’t Wear a Mask While Training


Wearing a mask in the public place is an ideal thing to do but when you are working out you should avoid wearing a mask because covering your mouth and nose increases the carbon dioxide and lower the oxygen levels. This is not only an unhealthy practice but also a dangerous practice.  This is one of the most important  gym safety tips because breathing plays an important role in exercising, running, swimming, and other types of physical activities. A right form of breathing gives you the fastest and the best result. While swimming you inhale by mouth and exhale through the nose whereas in others exercises you have to do both the process of breathing from nose. So, wearing a mask hampers the process of breathing and you get the odd or harmful results.


Sanitize your Gym Instruments by yourselves:

Welcome the fitness center reopening by keeping a sanitizer and paper in your gym bag. Though the gym would be sanitized, you need to sanitize the gym equipment by yourself as a precaution before touching any of the gym accessories. Even if you have sanitized your equipment, you should avoid touching your face, eyes, ears after touching any of things in the gym. If you have to do that, you need to sanitize your hands first and then use the napkin you are carrying in your gym bag as gym essentials. 


Put on Gym Gloves and Sweatbands:

Put on Gym Gloves and Sweatbands

If you are carrying sanitizer or not, you need to carry the arm sweatbands and gym gloves in your gym bags. Whenever you feel like rubbing your nose, you need not to sanitize your hands.  But even if you are wearing gloves, you need to sanitize the gym equipment by yourself. Gym gloves save you from picking up bad bacteria and germs from equipment by your nacked hands. 


Social Distancing in the Gym

Social Distancing in the Gym

Practicing the social distancing is good in the public or in the gym. Maintain at least six feet distance to the closest one in the gym that will make possible to reduce the chances of getting affected. Keep your timinin in mind. Gym has already arranged the schedule of its members. So be particular about the timing otherwise it will overlap other’s timing. And the chances of getting affected from the disease would be spiked.


Don’t show up at the Gym If you are not well:

Follow the gym opening rules strictly. If you are feeling bad or the signs of simple flu you should avoid coming to the gym. If you are above 60, you should take extra precautions by not showing up to the gym. Children below the age of 10 should avoid the closed gym spaces. Pregnant women or some of the medical issues with breathing problems should avoid the gym or such public places. 


Take Care Of Immunity: 

Take Care Of Immunity

 Immunity is one of the things of the time that we need the most. Yes, exercise helps to boost the immune system by making our bodily functions run properly. So, we need to have all the needs of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, protein,carbs, and fats that demand our body to maintain the immune system. But heavy exercises weaken our immune system and we need more nutrients to recover and make the immune system better. So, have the right nutrients to get the right results without taking the immune system for granted.


Stay Healthy: 

Prime goal of your training should be how to be healthy rather than getting a bulk or shredded body. Some tips to stay healthy are to follow the basics like eat a balanced diet, add herbs in your diet, take care of immunity, get proper sleep, smile often, and follow all the gym safety precautions. 


Maintain your Exercise Timing:

Timing is very important to follow if you want to avoid gym from being crowded. Because, people are waiting for this from a long period of time. During this time many of them have gone unshape and want their shape back badly. So, respect other’s timing so that you can maintain social distance successfully. 

Don’t Let your Ego Possess You:

That was another time when you used to lift very heavy weight. Maybe you would be the star of the gym. But you are not in practice for so long. Don’t worry your strength will get back to you, you need just to avoid your ego and adopt smart strategies with  push up bars and other accessories that don’t demand much strength. Maybe you are not going to make 5 reps but give yourself 10 days and see the results. The gym balls are another smartest gym accessory that you need to use to get not only your strength but also your flexibility back. 

Safety in the gym should be the first and foremost thing of the time. These are the ten pressing rules that every gym goer should keep in mind before hitting the gym. So that your gym journey would not be hampered by covid-19. 

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