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Jun 22, 2015

Forarms and wrist not increasing they are looking small

Hi all, I'm looking very lean in the begining.I started gym from last 4months. My body is increasing but my forearms and wrist are still looking small, although i'll workout my forearm and wrist exercies daily. my wrist size is 7 only. how to make them bigger?   Thankyou.
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Jun 23, 2015

Hi Sai,

Your forearms are one of the important bodypart both aesthetically and for good grip (to lift more weight). As you mentioned that your forearms size is not growing, there must be variety of reasons behind it:

-you are over excercising the fore arm part

-you are not bringing variations to your forearm workout

-you are not doing it right manner or amount


-First of all try to do the forearms only on arms day i.e biceps and triceps day.

-Bring variation in your forearm exercises; try the below mentioned exercises:

Barbell reverse wrist curl (3sets-12 reps)

barbell wrist curl (3sets-12 reps)

Image result for barbell wrist curl

Dumbbell wrist curl (3sets-12 reps)

Image result for dumbbell wrist curl

While doing barbell curl for your biceps, try using a thick and straight bar to bring tension in your fore arm muscle fibers.

Wrist curler (3sets-12 reps)

Hope it helps



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Jun 26, 2015

Hi Sai,

There are few additional things you can do to increase the size of your forearms and wrists.

a. Wrist curls - Position the forearms on your thighs and lift the dumbell only through your wrists. Remember not to use your biceps for this. 

b. Spring loader grip is also something you can invest in. Hold the contraction for about 3 seconds and do as many sets of 10 as you can throughout the day.

c. Side motion culs when you turn your wrist to the side so your palm is facing inward and your elbow is bent to 90 degrees

d. Wrist roller equipment, which can be a machine or a weight plate attached to a handle by a chain or rope can also be used. 

Also sometime genetics come in the way of getting those big foreams, but additional hard work can certainly overcome that hurdle. 

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Jul 02, 2015

hi sai kiran,

just try thick bar training.. or els u can buy fat gripz( u can buy from n u can add dem to Dbells/Bbells .


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