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Friendship Day: Find A Gym Buddy Who Is As Motivated As You Are

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Wishing you a very happy friendship day. Friends don’t only support you in bad times but also push you further or be hard on you to take the best out of you. This is so true in training as well. A workout partner or workout partner helps you in achieving the peak of your fitness level which is hard to achieve if you try to get it by yourself. Surrounding yourself with these fitness- minded buddies helps you to discover your best physique and athletic performance as it is positively contagious. 

What qualities do you look for in your workout partner ?

What qualities do you look for in your workout partner

Not everybody can be your workout partner, he or she must have some qualities like: 

  • Must have same hunger as you have to be better
  • Push your limits
  • Cheer you, scold you but never leaves you alone
  • Eat with you
  • Take your pics, and record everything like your meal, cheat, and others
  • Believe in you
  • Do exercise with you by challenging you

What are the health benefits of having a gym buddy ?

What are the health benefits of having a gym buddy

Maximize the health benefits just by having a gym partner like: 

  1. Achieve your fitness goals easily: Whether it is weight loss or gain, gym buddy helps you in achieving your fitness goals easily. If you are in weight loss regime, here is how your gym buddy can inspire you to lose weight:
  • A fixed schedule for training: Missing the training time is very common while losing weight as it takes an intense workout and human tendency is to avoid the hard work. When you have a workout partner, you are very careful about timings. 6 ‘O’ clock means 6 ‘O’ clock for you, not 6: 30 ‘O’ clock. Human psychology says that you are more responsible for other’s timing than yours. If you take your partner and his timing for granted, you will have guilt for a long time and will develop trust issues.  So, having a partner for the gym is quite effective for your  time management. 
  • Knows your limits and curates practical weight loss goals: Gym Buddy knows your strength, your capabilities, and how much you can leverage yourself. Generally, people try to find the one fit solution to all in the absence of a gym partner. That is a very wrong approach and doesn’t have fruitful outcomes. Only your partner suggests the right approach as he or she knows almost everything about your fitness.  So, if you have achieved your weight loss goals with the help of any partner, wish him / her right now.
  • Inspires you to consume healthier: In weight loss regime, you have to take care of your strict diet. When you don’t have a fitness buddy, it is hard to prevent yourself from the enticement of eating anything. A partner always reminds you what to eat, how many calories you have taken till now, or  whether protein, fibers, and other nutrients are in your diet or not. He/ she always prevents you from processed and junk foods. 
  1. Keeps you grounded, motivated, and safe: Lack of motivation is completely understandable when you are training on your own. No matter how motivated you are or try to motivate yourself, there is a chance when you start losing your motivation. Sometimes, you achieve your level best and get satisfied, here your growth stops. Both of the situations are a great hamper in between you and the best version of yourself. To avoid them, get a training partner this year and stay focused and motivated.  Getting injured is quite common in the gym in absence of a partner. Many cases have been noticed this year. So, make a reliable partner and stay safe in his/ her surveillance while working out. 
  1. Mental health benefit: Getting the right gym buddy means that you have covered halfway of your fitness journey. He/ she doesn’t only take care of your physical health but also mental health. When he / she pushes you toward getting your highest fitness, he / she challenges your mental stiffness. It has great mental health benefits like stress reduction, improved motivation, positive vibes, and others. You are always ready to learn something new. A workout buddy who is hard on you to complete your workout can introduce you to different exercises which may not be included in your schedule but are good for your mental and physical health. Friendship and mental health goes hand in hand not only in general friendship but also in gym friendship. 
  1. Working out becomes fun: Enjoying a workout can help you to relieve stress and offer miraculous outcomes. With a gym partner, you laugh together, cry together, celebrate together, eat together, make fun of failures together, this lights the intense atmosphere of training. And you get the results faster. You both go for different exercises with some tweaks, you commit mistakes together and learn together, support each other, and enjoy the journey together. That you can’t do when you are alone. Shouting and motivating each other  is quite fun if you would have done exercise with a partner. 
  2. Healthy competition: No win is achieved in absence of healthy competition. Maybe you get the competition in the gym without a partner but most of the time it is like negative criticism, not respecting other’s timings or workout, ego lifting, and others that don’t only hurt others but also yourself. When you get a gym partner just like yourself, you have healthy competition with him/ her, you also respect his / her efforts as you are depending on him/ her. Only by having the right partner you grow overall as a person and fitness enthusiast. 

What are the best exercises you can do with your fitness buddy?

Fitness buddy

You must do 5 days of exercises with your gym partner but also should spend quality time to understand each other’s habits and try to mould them toward a healthier version of both of you. Here are types of exercises that you should do together. 

  • Gym exercises: Almost all the gym exercises demand  support to leverage your fitness. Chest exercises, especially bench press, need support. Legs exercises, especially squats with weights, also demand support to increase your strength. These are risky exercises that none should do alone. 
  • Swimming: Fun and exercises together help you in achieving the fitness goals faster than you can get it by doing alone. With friends you have fun while swimming, which is hard to do alone if you are not passionate about swimming. And of course, it is a complete exercise without letting you know how many calories you have burnt. 
  • Cycling: Take out your cycle and make a trip to any hill areas that is really a very good exercise. But you don’t enjoy it alone more often. So, have a partner who is always ready to participate in any kind of physical activity. 


Surround yourself with the fitness hunger buddies who are just like you, if you really want to see some change in your fitness. Supplements, diets, and premium gym memberships come later, first there is a motivation you have to look for. With the right partner, you get your reasons to do exercises. He or she always tries to introduce you to the new version of yourself. Under such surveillance, you achieve the mental and physical health that is hard to achieve by yourself. Have you found your fitness partner yet if not, search for him or her from now and see the difference. Happy friendship day.

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