Transformation 2 MIN READ Apr 12, 2017

From Fat to Fit…

37/37 68kg > 53.5kg 24% > 8.2%

In December 2015 I was an obsessed fatty person of 67 kg with body fat of 24%. I started my fitness journey in January 2016 with proper Nutrition and Exercise. In the name of supplements, I took only Whey protein, BCAA, ACV and Multivitamins. After 4 months (in may 2016) I lost around 14 kg weight (FAT) with body fat of 8% only and again I gained lean muscles in next two months. Now my abs are visible and every body part in a good shape. This is my journey From FAT to FIT in Six Months with a great support from family and SQUATS, Jitendra Chouksey Guruji who educate me in a proper manner.

Why you decided to Transform?

I was so obsessed and have 34-inch waist line. My shirts were not fitting me properly, so I decided that to be fit and get beach body...

What challenges did you face?

The fat you are born with is very hard to lose, so be patient with your efforts.

How did you overcome these challenges?

Discipline, dedication and hard work was the motto that I followed to stick to my goal.

Suggestion for future transformers

Get fit, Stay healthy and Eat clean are the fundamentals that I followed to get back in shape.
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