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Jun 25, 2015

Gain height and weight

my age is 20 and weight is 45 so gaining the weight and height
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Jun 26, 2015

Hi Vikas,

It is said that for male ,their height can increase till 21-25 yrs(max) Age is not only factor ,some people grow taller before 18 and some after. Proper diet,proper sleep and exercise plays more important role than age. Try to do stretching exercises, include actvities like swimming. While there is no guarantee that this would result in increased height but one can certainly try.

For gaining weight diet becomes the most important factor. You can go for a mass gainer which can pump in additional calories to the body in addition to what you are already consuming.

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Jun 28, 2015

hi vikas,

i agree with what rakul said. i think ur body is an ectomorph so u better take a lot of calories, try mass gainer, eat healthy fats... lift weights,eat clean,sleep n repeat.


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