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Sep 25, 2015

Gain muscle by reducing body fat percentage

Hi Samir, I started my workout from Jan 2015 . My height is 5'7" and I started working with my weight as 84 kgs. Till April I loss 15 kgs and my weight was 69 kgs . But still my body fat percentage is 22%. From Jan to May I did not do any strength training , only cardio .From May I started Strength training will little cardio . I was still in 1600 calorie diet with addition of whey protien iso. Now till september I nighter gained weight nor lost I am still the same in last 5 months. My target is get body fat percentage to 12% so as to get visible six packs and lean muscle body. Please suggest me my workout partten and diet . Some say do more cardio some say dont do cardio only weight training . I am confused . If I do more cardio I will loose more weight and become more slim and loose muscle . I have a target till Feb 2016 . That is I have 4 month to transform from 22% body fat to 12% with lean muscle building.  Please suggest. Joy.
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