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Dec 10, 2015

Gain muscle without whey supplement

Hello sir, i am from mumbai, my English is bad so i ask my question is hindi ,sorry for that (language doesn't matter) 1. agar hamko muscle build karneke liye protein complex carbs & healthy fat chahie, healthy fat hum easily normal diet mese consume kar sakte he like peanut, avocado, olive oid,flexseed , fish(omega 3,9)etc........& carbohydrate also like oats, brawn bread, sweet potato, brawn rise etc.......& build muscle need at least 1 gram of protein per pound body weight , i am pure vegan so i don't eat even egg & meet, & whey supplement is very expensive 1kg rs.3000 , & whey protein are all essential amino acid to build & maintain muscle, agar day me 2 times whey consume kare(30 serving 2 times a day) to total rs 6000... & so all kind people( more than 75%) itne money expenses nahi kar sakte...whey protein buy karne ke liye Soooooo my question issssss:- Peanut is all essential & semi essential amino acid (BCAA) and its also chep...(120 rs per kg) & peanut have very good amount of protein also( 25 gram of protein in 100 gram), with complete amino acids ....... Agar hum din me total 4 meal me 50 gram peanut include kare ( total 200 gram in a day).. To total 50 gram of protein with BCAA , & its also high calorie (525 calorie to 100 gram) so kisiko muscle build karna he to compexcarbo ke sath calories surplus bhi karna padi he (3000+) in help of peanut very easy to surplus the calorie.... Rs.900 ( 6 kg in 1 month) Rs per month & 50 gram of protein with BCAA loaded daily ..... & dont told the peanut serving have carbohydrate & fat also ...bcz we can use peanut to build muscle & size.... NOT FAT LOSS.... & don't told also peanut its 7 gram saturated fat per 100 gram , BCZ ...we need maximum 20gram (less than 20 gram) saturated fat in help to boost testosterone level ..... SOOO.... My Big question is vegetarian people they achieve thait goal without single supplement ??? ... bcs ( we get all macro nutrition in eating foods....e.g..complex carb, healthy fat , protein with bcaa) ....i hope u must give ans my question...tnx..
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