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Jul 06, 2017

Gain muscles

HI, My height is 5.8 and weight is around 64-65 kg.I want to gain muscles,i am doing workout from last 5-6 months but i am vegeterian so less sources for protein.Could you please suggest me proper diet plan and also mass gainer or protein supplement. Thanks
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Jul 07, 2017


Please contact us on HK Consult, for a proper diet plan. General sources of proteins for vegetarians are, low-fat milk and their products, sprouts are the good source of proteins. Apart from the traditional whole moong sprouts, you can make a variety of sprouts like pea, chickpea, black chana are some high protein sources.

Also, you can consume Spiriluna, add this in your smoothies. Vegetable sources include green Pea,  Pea, white beans, flat beans, green beans, asparagus, mushroom, soy nuggets, broccoli, water chestnut.

Some leafy vegetables are also good.

Bengal gram leaves provide you 7 gm of protein per 100 gms are few of the vegetables.

If you are going to gym then consume mass gainer twice a day, post workout and at any other time of the day between the two meal. For more assistance please contact us.


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