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Jun 28, 2016

Gaining fat in tummy while arms and biceps are fine

Hello, I am Siddharth. I have a query. I have been working oout intermittently for 4 years now. By intermittent, I mean 3-4 months/year. But now I want to take it to the professional level and have been focussing on muscle building. Now, I would like to give you a brief about my stats. I am 5.9, 77 kgs with around 16-18% bodyfat. When I focus on my diet and limit my carbs, increase my protein intake and fats (nuts and all) intake, with creatine pre-workout and whey post work-out, I see my muscles changing, growing.. It looks nice. But the main problem is the tummy and waist. I am not fat, but there is a thick layer of fat only around my waist and the tummy. Its not those loose fats. Its tight.. But my tummy looks a bit big and I am unable to get those off my tummy and reveal my abdominal muscles.  Is there any specific problem with the diet or any changes in the workout regimen would help ? Thanking you in advance for your help. Regards, Sidd P.S.: From the last few days, I am replacing my rice, dal, roti with mass gainer. I mean in the morning, I take mass gainer (as it has got carbs) and roti/rice with dal, chicken and sabzi in the day, an apple at around 3 o'clock, pre-workout, gym, whey, roti with 6 eggs-omlette and dal. Does it look fine ? I think my macros are being met. But I am not sure if it is fine.. I am not looking to be lean and slim. I am looking to have muscles.
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