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Jul 24, 2015

Gym regime :)

Hi Bishnu, Great to see that FitFreak took this initiative, in India most of the youngsters want to build their body but lack most of the basic regime and dietary requirements. I have couple of questions:- 1. I am a regular gym goer (4-6 days a week) and its more than 1.5 years, I can see increase in weight from 62 to 72 kgs. with a bit of muscle growth. I want to increase my muscle size what to do in that manner (Currently Biceps- 14” and Chest- 40” (appox). 2. I took only Whey Proteins (ON , EAS and Muscleblaze) 6 buckets of 2.2 lbs within this span. Can you guide me if I am lacking somewhere? And which ones should I prefer. 3. Is it necessary to change the exercises on a frequent basis in gym for eg., I do 5 exercises for each of these (mentioned below) currently along with 15-20 mins warm up and after training some forearms or bit of abs (5 mins approx.) each– Monday – Biceps                              Tuesday – Triceps             Thursday – Chest                     Friday – Back                                 Saturday – Shoulders *I do not train on legs If Yes, then what should be the frequency and is there any set rule that one should do this exercise fist and then other ones? Please guide! Thanks, Ritu Raj
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Jul 27, 2015

Ritu Raj,

As Bishnu said, do not skip your legs. For your other parts to improve leg workouts are a must.


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Aug 05, 2015
Study show that upper body size increase 10% if you do lower body workout, so legs is important for best physic, it provide streignt and perfect base.

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