Gymming Precautions In Times Of Covid19


The introduction of Unlock 3.0 in India that will be valid from 5th August 2020, is going to lift some more restrictions and make life a bit easier. One of the restrictions that are going to make fitness enthusiasts super happy is the opening of gyms in India. Yes! You can now wear your favourite track pants and shed those extra kilos that you might have added on during this lockdown period. However, the unlocking phase and lifting of restrictions do not mean that the world is free from coronavirus. You have to follow certain norms to protect yourself as well as follow some healthy lifestyle tips with you from this deadly virus.

Here are a few things that you should include along with your gym workout routines in order to keep yourself fit and avoid the chances of getting attacked by the virus:

  • Download Arogya Setu

Before you choose your weekly workout plan make sure you download the Arogya Setu application. This is the first and foremost thing that you should be doing before going to any public place. This app lets you know if you have come in contact with any corona patient.

  • Check For Ventilation

We know that there is a high chance that this lockdown period make you gain some kgs, which you want to lose fast. This is the best time to workout and say bye-bye to those extra pounds but you have to take care of a few things which also includes checking for ventilation in the gym. An indoor area that does not have proper ventilation is like cesspool for germs and bacteria. A properly ventilated room is capable of reducing the airborne contaminants. While gymming we start to sweat constantly and that can increase the moisture levels and heat of the room. This, in turn, can increase the risk of you getting affected by the virus. You should be avoiding gyms that are not properly ventilated or those that are made in the basement. The gym should have proper windows and exhausts.

  • Do Not Step Out If Not Well

You might be super excited about going to the gym, but just in case if you are not feeling well, then you should keep your excitement levels a little low and stay at home. Do not step outside your home if you are feeling sick as it won’t be the best time to go to the gym. You might not have COVID-19, but infections are transmitted at a faster rate in public spaces like gyms.

  • Social Distancing

Going back to the old normal days is definitely good. You might be able to see your friends in the gym but as we say remember it is just the unlocking phase going on, the risks associated with coronavirus has not ended yet. You should follow the working out routines suggested by your gym to avoid the crowd. Always try to maintain at least a distance of 6 feet from your fellow gym mates, to avoid any kinds of risks associated with the coronavirus. Also, try to avoid going to the gym during rush hours. There are various gyms for women and men separately, you can also opt for them so as to avoid the crowd.

  • Carry Your Own Belongings

From towel, disinfectant wipes, sanitizers to water bottles, make sure you carry all your belongings. Do not share your personal belongings with anyone else. You can also carry your own home gym equipment and accessories especially yoga mats.

  • Sanitize Everything

Always carry a sanitizer bottle with you. Even if the gym staff are sanitizing the gym equipment and accessories, make sure you wipe the part that you are about to touch with some sanitizer. You should sanitize the dumbbells before using them as they are used by many and contain a lot of sweat. Avoid using yoga mats, exercising balls, bench press, etc. that cannot be sanitized very often.

  • Wear Gym Gloves and Headbands

Try to wear good quality gym supports like gym gloves, headbands, shoulder supports, etc. Gloves to avoid direct contact of your hands with anything in the gym. Also, wear headbands that will not allow your seat to reach upto your eyes or nose.

  • Avoid Touching Your Face

No matter how much you sweat, try to avoid direct contact with your face, while you are working out at the gym. If you want, then wash your hands properly or sanitize them and then touch your face. This should be an important point to keep in mind while following your gym workout plans.

  • Try Not to Use the Washrooms

Try not to use the washrooms at the gym, but in case you really want to go, then always carry spray sanitizers. Use spray sanitizers on the toilet seat and then use it. Also, do not forget to sanitize your hands after touching the doors of washrooms.

  • Set a Fixed Time for Yourself

You should set a fixed time for yourself to avoid the crowd. You can choose when you want to go for a workout and the best time for gym. However, we feel that the best time to exercise is in the morning hours as you will also get enough vitamin D and you won’t feel short of breath due to the fresh air outside.

  • Call your Gym to Know About Their Safety Measures

Call your local gym and ask them what safety precautions they are taking. Ask them whether they are regularly sanitizing everything in the gym or checking the temperature of their staff members as well as of those who are coming for exercising. You must know about the different gym workout plans for men and women that their trainers are going to implement. Ask them if they are keeping adequate distance between different equipment and how are they doing crowd management. Knowing all these will let you know how they are coping with this crisis and that will help you to get an idea of whether you should rust to the particular gym or not.

Physical activity is very important for us to stay healthy and fit, but during these tough times, you should also be taking care of your hygiene to avoid being corona positive. Try to follow the above-mentioned points cause simply wiping off your sweat with a towel after a gyming session won’t be enough now. It is very important for you to make a workout schedule and visit the gym accordingly. Also, ensure that the other gym members are following the same norms for mutual safety. Stay healthy, stay fit and happy gymming. Let us all fight this virus together.

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