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Sep 07, 2015

Hard time to gain weight

I am 6 feet tall and weighing 68kgs.i have been going to gym fot last 7 months and using mass gainer also.I have much of fat around my belly.That is only part where I have much fat. I Am finding it really hard to gain weight.I don't see fat anywhere in my body except my belly. The question I have is since I do not do abs exercises,that's why I am not putting on weights?is it recommendable to do abs exercises so that my body does look like a good body.
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Sep 07, 2015

hi ankit..

yes u can do abs daily if u want cuz dose r d mucles wch recover quickly....moderately u can perform twice to thrice a clean calories,lift heavy n do cardio also...

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Sep 08, 2015

According to my data you need to gain around 15 kgs. because your  metabolism is so fast, according to you ankit, you said that you are using a mass gainer which gain your abdominal fat. first thing make sure that you are using a genuine product.

if you want to gain weight you have to eat more and eat clean. take 6 meals in a day in which protein: carb : fat should be 30:50:20.

also you can do abs twice in a  week and do cardio after your workout. 


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