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Mar 02, 2016

Height can possible after 22?

Hello sir My name is Murali, my ambition is bodybuilding so I work hard it but my height is 163cm only so I'm feel bad about height, can increase my height is possible? And my age is 23 I want increase my height so please help me to any supplements.
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Mar 18, 2016


It is a myth that an individual’s growth of height comes to a halt after the age of eighteen to twenty years old. Is it true? Being short is one’s greatest despair and a good height is always wishes for.  A short individual loses self confidence and feels embarrassed in public. Every individual during their childhood tries his or her best to grow their height by indulging into physical exercises and taking in nutritious food. The height of a child depends on the chromosomes derived from the parents and it is heredity in nature. There are various ways one can grow height after twenty two and they are:-

-Hanging Exercises:



-Abundance of Sleep:

-Balanced Diet:





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