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Feb 29, 2016

Hey m doing gym from 4 years but there is some stubborn fat which is not getting out from my stomoch.i loose around 20 kg when i started gym.what can i do for loss this unwanted belly fat m not eat any junkfood.i eat very healthy diet.m using fatburner

what i have to do for lossing this unwanted belly fat
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Mar 17, 2016


Abdominal fat/ Belly fat is basically transfat you will loose slowly and slowly because it takes time. So have patience.

You have to strictly follow your diet. Avoid Saturated fat. 

Do 15-20 minutes Cardio after weight traing. Use Whey Isolate, BCAA, Glutamine, CLA, L-carnitine, Green tea,Multivitamin.




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