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Sep 03, 2017

Hi, i am shivam i am a professional cricketer iam taking muscleblaze xxl mass gainer can i also take ashwagandha too?

As facing some weakness and general debility can i take ashwagandha
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Oct 03, 2017


If you are facing weakness, there is the probability that you are not consuming required calories and your calorie input is less than your calories burned especially if you are a sports person and regular in your practice. Also, if your muscles are recovering properly and not getting sufficient nutrients, it might cause fatigue and weakness.

Make sure to have a pre-workout meal 45-50 min before your workout. Consume BCAA in between your practice sessions, Mass gainer post workout or after the sport and glutamine at bedtime for recovery.

Consume high-calorie shake post workout and 2-3 times throughout the day. Have eggs, chicken, fish and whole pulses and complex carbs in your diet. do include some nuts and seed in your diet.

Ashwagandha is a natural herb, provides energy, stamina, and have calming effects under stress conditions. In case, you have any medical condition or if you are consuming any medicine then it's not recommended to consume this or take under medical consultation.



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