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Jul 04, 2015

How can i build back muscle quickly and also can you advise diet plan?

I have been working out from long but I'm not getting expected results can you advise me a proper diet plan to get fast results.
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Jul 04, 2015

Please help me in achieving my proper diet plan.

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Jul 05, 2015

Hi Pankaj,

If you could give me some data to work with. How much do you weigh?  How much time per week can you give to the gym? What are your maintainance calories? 

With these questions I will be able to provide you with a detailed training plan that can help you achieve your desired results.

In regards to excercises stick to the basics with pullups, bent over rows, deadlifts and pull downs for maximum back development. Thanks!

Test altpankaj kumar Jul 06, 2015

Dear Puneet,


Thanks a lot for your reply, My weight is 68kg and in a week I spent around total 1 hour in the gym since I concentrate mainly on back by doing exercises you told.

 In a week my GYM shedule as below:

Monday:10 to 15 minutes Push ups

Tuesday:30 to 40 mins of Back


Thursday: 10 to 15 minutes Push ups


Saturday:10 minutes Barbell Curl.



My detailed calories as below:



Morning:7:30 am Prostar whey protein 1 scoop.


             8:00 am Oats with milk after 10 minutes creatine with water.


Lunch:   1:00 pm- 5 Chapati with curd,dal,half cup white rice with juice.


Evening: 6:00 pm Snacks upma or dosa.


               8:50 pm Pre workout:Banana with whey protein 1 scoop.


                9:30 pm Post workout:Creatine with Whey protein 1 scoop.


                Night 10:pm Dinner-4 chapati with curry.


It comes upto around 2500 calories.


Note:I'm maintaining my diet only when I'm hitting GYM 30 to 40 minutes.


It's difficult for me to maintain full day bodybuilding diet because my office only ends at 6:00 pm.

Looking for your suggestion.




Test altPuneet Jul 07, 2015

Hey Pankaj! Thanks for replying. You should follow a full body workout if you are working out on alternate days. Each workout should be one hour because you will not stimulate enough muscles by doing 15minutes of push ups. Attached is a sample training plan for you to follow:

All excercises are 5 sets x 5 repititions unless otherwise stated

Please use right amount of weight to perform all excercises. Make sure x amount of weight allows you to perform the desired sets and repetitions

Workout A

Squats, Bench Press, Bent Over Row, Shrugs (3 sets, 8 reps), Skullcrushers (also called lying triceps extension-- 2 sets, 8 reps), Chinups (2 sets, however many reps you can get), Hyperextension (for lower back-- 2 sets, 10 reps), Kneeling cable crunches (2 sets- 10 reps)

Workout B

Squats, Deadlift (1 set- 5 reps), Standing Shoulder press, Bent over Row (make sure the weight is 10% lighter than weight used on Monday- for eg. if you use 50kg on Monday, then use 45kg today), Close Grip Bench Press, Incline Dumbell Curls (2 sets- 8 reps), Kneeling cable crunches (2 sets-10reps) 

I do understand that this is complicated and there are numerous other workouts but in my opinion there is no better workout than this to gain size for beginners and particularly develop the back muscle because this will focus on all areas of the back including the upper back, lats, lower back. 


As far as diet is concerened reduce your roti intake in lunch and dinner (especially dinner) and substitute those calories with egg, chicken, fish, soyabean etc. Hope this helps!

Test altpankaj kumar Jul 07, 2015

Thanks Puneet and team for the reply, I find doing workout daily is easy for me can you suggest daily workout routine in a week.

Many thanks in advance.

Test altPuneet Jul 08, 2015

Hi Pankaj,

For a daily workout try to do a dual body part split. Again focus on compound movements for each body part. Below is a sample plan:

Monday- Chest/Biceps

Flat Bench Press, Incline dumbell press, Chest Dips- 5 sets, 5 reps, Standing barbell curl, Alternate Hammer curl- 3 sets, 8 reps

Tuesday- Back/Triceps

Deadlift, Pullups, Bentover Rows- 5 sets, 5 reps, Skullcrushers, Tricep pulldown, Tricep Kickback- 3 sets, 8 reps

Wednesday- Legs

Squats, Leg Press- 5 sets, 5 reps, Leg Curl, Standing calf raise, Leg extension- 3 sets, 8 reps

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Shoulders/Abs

Standing overhead press, Arnold Press- 5 sets, 5 reps, Bent over real delt raise, Barbell Shrugs, Upright Row- 3 sets, 8 reps, Kneeling cable crunches, Decline crunch- 3 sets, 10-15 reps

Saturday/Sunday- Rest (do 30 minutes of steady paced cardio on these days)- empty stomach first thing in the morning. Have BCAA's during this. Eg: Incline treadmill on 7 speed for half an hour each day.

Hope this helps!


Test altpankaj kumar Jul 09, 2015

Thanks a lot Puneet.Truely appreciate your help.

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Jul 11, 2015

Happy to help Pankaj!


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