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Aug 25, 2015

How can i make my pigeon chest look better, which workout should i do

I have a pigeon chest and I want to know which chest workout should I follow so that it will look better.
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Aug 26, 2015
On chest day Incline bench press wide grip 4 set 15/12/10/8 Incline DB press 3 set 10/10/ 8 Incline/plane bench DB fly 3 set 12/10/8 Plane bench DB press 3 set 12/10/8 Butterfly 3set 12 each Bar dips 3 set upto failure... Focus on muscle mind connection, chest up at all time in every set. Squeeze in all DB press , fly and butterfly. Be natural be healthy
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Aug 26, 2015


We have an amazing article on exercises you can do to help in your chest development. Make sure you are in a caloric surplus and hit the chest from all angles:




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