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Apr 17, 2016

How do i gain muscle and weight?

Hi. I am a female age 20 and i hardly look my age. I am small and very skinny. Believe it or not i weigh only 30 kgs, and my height is 150cms. Please suggest me a good mass gainer, diet and an exercise routine. Thanks
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Apr 18, 2016


As your details your weight should be around 45kg. I will recomend you for the complete body check up specially hyperthyroid with consultation with physician. Have your meal 3 hourly. You can do light weight compound movement exercises with slow motion.You can use Mass gainer XXL 3 scoops in a day (1 scoop early in the morning with milk/water, 1 scoop post workout with water, 1 scoop before bed with milk/water).


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Thank you so much! @md.rafiullah

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