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Sep 24, 2017

How do i gain stable weight and muscle at the same time when i am an beginner?

I Have Started Working Out For About a Month Now.I Take Care of My Diet,Do Excercise Regularly and For The Supplementation Part For The First Month I Took Muscleblaze Weight Gainer And Multivitamin Tablets Of Amway. So Now Can I Gain Some Mass And Muscle at the same time
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Sep 26, 2017


You can gain some weight if you increase your intake around 500 extra calories daily from your daily requirement, along with the supplements choose a mass gainer, BCAA ( intra-workout) and creatine monohydrate (45 min pre-workout ) along with calorie dense diet this will help you in gaining and increasing muscle volume which is the bulking phase.

Leaning or cutting is followed after the bulking phase once you have acquired your desired muscle volume.




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